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Here is some information about the members of Peppermintpark Productions and a list of pertner companies


For over 30 years we have worked to produce state-of-the-art audio and visual creations, music composition, sound design, Radio and TV commercials as well as developed partnerships that give us the expertise to run world-class events… around the world.


We have a strong network of long-standing and specialist, associate companies across various disciplines in the industry, that allow us to work outside the boarders of what people have come to expect from a regular production company, and find new, exciting and innovative ways to tell your stories. 




Jock Craig. Founder of Peppermint Park Productions

Jock started studying music from a very young age, which led to a long and prosperous career as a sound engineer, composer and producer, working with the likes of Cat Stevens and other internationally acclaimed artists. 

Many years of working on audio for video and event productions soon sparked his interest in live events and visual creation which led to the foundation of Peppermint Park Productions.

30 years down-the-line he has had the honour of collaborating on many acclaimed projects such as the World Aids Conference, Young President’s Organisation, Miss Universe, GreaceStadium Spectacular, SAPPI International, The Ford Geneva Conference, BMW International and Samsung launches, with no signs of slowing down.



Red Wood (DJ Redwood). 4 time South African DJ Champion and 15 years experience in studio sound engineering, sound design, music composition, video editing and entrepreneurialism

Red’s music and sound career started in 1999 in London where he DJ’d professionally under the alias DJ Redwood and since then won the South African DJ Championships 4 times. Wanting to expand his skills, he entered the advertising industry at Freq’ncy Audio from 2008 to 2010 as a sound engineer and music composer before going solo, founding Redwood Studios. He has worked with countless brands including Mc Donalds, Mercedes, Renault, Toyota, MTN and many of the largest agencies in South Africa and the world.  He has since joined forces with Peppermint Park Productions to give us a combined 40 years experience in everything from live events, to video recording, editing, music and sound – making us a combination that is a force to be reckoned with.

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